Catto’s Group and Team Stores program is for any school, team or group looking for a way to streamline there decorated apparel and promotional item sales.

It is great for schools, athletic departments, businesses or internal employee stores,clubs, or any other programs¬† looking for a easy way that company’s, students and team parents order customized school, business and team apparel and other gear. We work closely with your existing brand partners and dealers to make it easier for your teams and groups to order gear. Teams and booster club leaders love our built-in fundraising tools, automatic payment processing, and how easy we make the whole process by eliminating paper order forms and providing a secure online store for each team and group. Administrators benefit from complete transparency into all sales and fundraising efforts. Unlike other other team stores who outsource there decorating programs Catto’s decorates all products in house so you can rest assured you will get your gear in time for your event.