Have a photograph or a multi-color logo and only want to do a few items?

If you are good with a light color garment, we can use the Direct to Garment method.

With Direct to Garment you can print photographs, multi-color images, run small quantities (i.e. less than our minimum of 24 pieces in Screen Printing), have a minimal upfront investment in screens, and easily customize your design.

However, it is not good for large runs (around 72 pieces maximum).  We also can NOT currently print on dark color garments.  A special Direct to Garment machine, that prints white, is needed to print on dark garments.

Please note the colors will be a little muted and will eventually fade in the wash.  Not usually noticeable when it comes to printing photographs, but if a specific color is desired (like a Pantone color), then Direct to Garment may not be suitable.